handmade clay stamps

Coming from a pottery family, I've witnessed all kinds of interesting ways to work with clay. One of my favorite little tricks is using everyday things to create unique textures. You can take this concept even farther and create once of a kind stamps to use in clay projects.

I like to gather random things from around the house- legos, jewelry, buttons, legos, basically anything that makes an imprint will work.
You can use just about any clay, I used Fimo Soft Polymer Clay. I started by rolling my clay into a small cylinder.

Next, I used my everyday things (my favorite was one of Lucy's hair clips) and pressed them into the clay. I used each side of the cylinder so my stamp would have two sides.

I baked my clay stamps according to the directions on the package.

Then they are ready to use! Stamp them into any kind of clay to create interesting texture and imprints 

Check out a few ways that I use stamps in my clay projects:

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