tree place cards

When it comes to entertaining at the holidays, I love using simple, everyday materials to create fun decorations! For our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, I thought it would be fun to make little tree place card holders for each place setting.

For this project, I gathered things that I already had around the house and the yard- hand painted paper,  twigs and tiny plastic cups.
As much as I wanted to use tiny terracotta flower pots, I just couldn't find them anywhere around town so I grabbed some tiny plastic cups and I painted them orange. 

I used the painted paper and cut out little leaves.

Next, I glued the paper leaves to the twigs

I created little flags with guest names.

I added pebbles to the cups. 

And placed the twigs into the pebbles.

The last step was to add the flags to each little flower pot.

I love how cute and colorful these little trees are. The best part is that they cost me nothing but a little time to make!

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