2015 top ten roundup!

I spend a lot of time blogging- typically five days a week which means I typically average about 236 posts per year! I love looking back at all the things I have shared at the end of the year and today I picked my favorite 10 posts from this year.

The statement wall I painted in Lucy's room might just be one of my favorite projects of all time! 

I shared some of the best tips I can give about jump starting a creative career.

Andy and I love to work on collaborative paintings and this one was one of my favorites!

And this collaboration that we created for my friends at Maiden Astoria might just be my most favorite!

This year was the year that I turned 40 and I shared some of the lessons I've learned over time.

And the adventure we took to Elowah Falls for my birthday was pretty epic!

Painting our countertops was one of my favorite home reno projects

Our camper van project might just be my favorite project to date!

With some simple changes we were able to transform our living room into a light, bright shared family space.

I shared some of the best advice I can give for taking the leap into full time artists and entrepreneur. 

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