handmade giving

I've been making handmade gifts since I can remember. As a artist and crafter it has always been my favorite way to show love. And amidst the insanity of the holiday season, no matter how busy I am, I always make time to create handmade gifts. Part of my process is thinking, reminiscing and even praying for the person that I am creating for. I draw, I paint and I create with my friends and family in mind. Each brush stroke I paint, each line I draw, I am thinking about the people that I care about. This process has become my favorite part of the holiday season because it keeps me from going crazy with the shopping, rushing around and getting lost being a consumer. Today I want to challenge you to take a little time to make something for someone you love- a love note, a doodle, a handmade card...anything (even if it's small) to step away from the holiday madness for just moment and use creativity to show your love.

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