holiday photo chaos!

Growing up we didn't do the whole "family holiday photo on a Christmas card thing". To be honest until Lucy, I really didn't send out Christmas cards. But once this kid popped out, I've wanted to document and share as much as I possibly can! Like many of you out there we plan a family photo every year that we use on our holiday card. And as much fun as it is to have these photos, the entire process is a big pain in the butt and totally crazy! While there are only three of us, it's a wild experience, no body listens and there's more goofing off than posing for photos..but that's what it's all about right?!? The last two years, we've had terrible weather so taking photos outside hasn't been an option so I've moved the entire circus to my studio. Here is a peek into the chaos! 

backdrop from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

Special thanks to my brother for capturing our creative insanity on video!

While family Christmas photos are kind of a hassle, they are totally worth in it in the end. Here are a few of the best tips I can offer for the photo process:

Do something creative! No you don't have to paint a wall but try looking for a unique backdrop or setting for your photos. I love receiving quirky, interesting and creative photos in the mail from family and friends.

Save your money...don't hire a photographer! Just about all of the photos I take happen with my camera (or phone) on a tripod with a timer. It takes some time and work to get good photos but it is SO much cheaper than hiring a photographer. 

Be silly! I love funny photos so give your family permission to be weirdos! Make faces, jump around, wear strange clothing and don't be afraid to let loose for the camera.

The outtakes are always the best photos (at least in my experience). All those moments (in between saying cheese and sucking your tummy in), have potential to be those really special photos that can be used in your holiday albums.

Save a little money and make your own holiday cards! I know there is TONS of pressure out there at the holidays to spend money on trendy photo cards but printing your photos and making your own cards makes for a fun family project. 

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