3 simple ways to transform kids clothing

While I love shopping for Lucy's wardrobe, at this point in in time I refuse to spend lots of money on the things that I buy her. She is growing like a weed (the kid is all legs) and she plays outside and creates everyday which means clothing around here gets stained or destroyed really fast!

When I find kids clothing on sale, I buy a lot of separates in neutral colors (I found the clothing above on sale for $2.99 each). Then with a little creativity, I transform the clothing into something a little more colorful and interesting. It has been a really great way to stick to a budget. Today I thought it would be fun to share 3 of my favorite simple ways to transform kid's clothing

My favorite way to transform any kind of clothing is with paint! My favorite fabric paint is Tulip Soft Matte Paint. It comes in tons of great colors, it is permanent, machine washable and dries flexible. I've been using this stuff for years and it always works great!

You can keep your painting simple with things like brush strokes, swipes of color, stripes and polka dots. 
Simple painted color is also a really fun way to include the kiddos in the process!

Or you can get really creative and treat the surface of that clothing like a canvas! 

I love creating simple patches out of my fabric scraps. 

One of my favorite ways to create a patch is creating messy little pieces of patchwork or layered fabric that I cut into different shapes.

I sew these patches to dresses and t-shirts to add a fun pop of color!

Tie Dye is my go to when I want to quickly transform white clothing or even dye over the top of stained clothing. The process is fast, easy and nothing is cuter than a kiddo in tie dye!

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