my favorite ways to cope with fear and anxiety

Back in January I got personal and shared a little bit about my struggles with anxiety. Since then I have received so much positive feedback from many of you and I've also received lots of questions about how I cope with my anxiety (medication free). While I am no expert and fear will always be a big part of my life I thought I would at least share a few of the things that have gotten me this far in my journey.

First I have to say that for those of you who struggle daily to overcome fear and anxiety, I want to let you know that it is SO possible to move forward through it all. I am here to tell you that pushing through fear has been the story of my life and thankfully that push has enabled me to be an artist, get married, become a mom, travel and do all kinds of things that a younger me would have been terrified of.

1. Feeling the fear and do it any way has been the #1 way that I battle anxiety. I know the minute I feel fear or anxiety, I have to move forward and conquer that fear. It is the only way that I know how to take my power and sanity back!

2. I am surrounded by people who encourage me, let me vent and be crazy but then they make me keep moving. I desperately need people in my life that help keep me on the fearless path.

3. My faith is something that I desperately need in order to keep my head on straight. When in doubt, fearful or anxious I pray...ALOT! 

4. Exercise is also a requirement for me. There is something about physical activity, walking, hiking, fresh air that make me feel powerful, strong and confident especially when I am in the midst of challenging times. 

5. Having something that I am passionate and confident about has also helped me conquer anxiety. My art and creative business is something I have never felt anxious about and I think it is because I am so grounded in my love and passion for making art. Art has been the constant in my life and it has been the thing that inspires joy, hope and confidence- all emotions that come in handy when you need to battle fear! 

 Ok there you have it! The ways that I battle fear and anxiety. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. But becoming aware of your own methods to cope is truly the first step in taking your power back!
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