New Work

I have been really busy working on number of projects as well as some goals and wonderful changes that I will share very soon! One of my projects has actually been a series of paintings that I am turning into petite prints mounted on wood blocks, ready to hang on the wall. I spend A LOT of time painting canvas to sew with and have actually kind of missed doing what I have spent so many years doing...painting pictures for the wall- go figure! The first two in the series are now in my Esty Shop!

Where Women Create

My advance copy of Where Women Create arrived in the mail! And I was so excited to see eight pages of me and my studio!! I am a little shy and uncomfortable with attention and often have a hard time reading and looking at the articles I write or contribute to but I am making myself soak in the lovely photos of my CRAZY studio!! Having a space like I do (though it is humble compared to others) was really a dream realized when we purchased out first home (one year ago last week). The first time I created in my new space I cried because I was so happy to finally have a large studio where I could be messy and free!  Getting to be a part of such a lovely publication is an honor.  Please support this wonderful publication by purchasing a copy of your own!!!

Etsy Updates

It is HOT here in San Diego and there is nothing worse than being sick when it is hot outside!! I am still fighting this stupid cold and thankfully feeling better. Since it was so nice I decided to get a little sun by the pool hoping a little vitamin D would be make feel a little better- at least I am not as pale as I was last week!  

I am also finally getting around to updating my Etsy Shop with lots of new messy and colorful goodies!!  I have a number of clutches, the most popular being the Simple Clutch- these were a HUGE HIT at my recent trunk show! 

...and a new clutch that I am calling the Skinny Clutch. I actually carry one of my own because it is the perfect size for a cell phone, lipstick and a handful of junk that we all carry in our purses!! And if you don't carry a clutch they are perfect for a pencil and pen case!!

Sticky Back Canvas Earrings

Have you heard of Claudine Hellmuth's new Studio product line? Well, it is FABULOUS and since I kinda specialize in canvas projects, for the next month I will be sharing all kinds of fun projects to make with Sticky Back Canvas. 

The first project is simple canvas earrings- inspired by the earring project in my book Canvas Remix, I decided to put a twist on the project and use sticky back canvas!

Start by printing out a page full photos, sketches or even words.  (I filled the page with a combination of my scanned sketches and my favorite words in fun fonts).  Print your images out on a sheet of Sticky Back Canvas.

Next, cover the canvas with messy paint and let dry.

Peel the backing off the canvas.

Fold the sheet in half.

Draw the shape of your earrings onto the surface of the canvas. 
Notice I used one of the bottles of Claudine's Studio paint as a template :)

Cut out your shapes.

Paint the edges with black paint or your choice of color and let dry.

Cover the surface of both sides of canvas with a glossy medium or even a glossy polyurethane. Let dry.

Use an awl to make a hole in the canvas.

Attach jump rings through the holes.

Attach hook earwires to the jump rings.

And VOILA...a pair of super fun, messy and colorful earrings!!

I'm Back!

I have been out of commission for the last few days- I have been battling a cold that my husband brought home a couple of weeks ago and the cold finally won. Today was the first day that I was able to breath through my nose and I am SO happy to finally be feeling better! It never fails that when I am not able to take care of myself, practice balance and back off of working too much- my body takes control and literally stops me in my tracks.  I have done nothing but lay on the couch, sleep and try to heal thy self for the last few days.  This is sadly the first time in months that I have done nothing and as boring as it is just what I needed!

Now that I am back to my blog I have lots of fun and creative things to share in the next few days. The first being that I am finally offering what I am calling "Messy Kits"                                                             
A kit full of messy painted canvas, fabric and recycled paper to use in your sewing and mixed media projects! If you know me and my work you will know that I love MESSY painting full of color texture (and lots of splatter) and everything in these kits are are messy!

Each kit contains a variety of 10-15 pieces of hand painted canvas, fabric and recycled paper.

Each kit is organized by color.

Sizes range from (roughly) 7X11 to 4x4 inches