big and messy

big and messy
Lately I have been sharing some of my own personal art that I have created to hang on our walls see here, here, here. As I mentioned in previous posts, I like BIG statement art that can be hung in places that pull your eye in or create a dynamic focal paint. A while back when we were organizing and updating our bedroom we went back and forth between purchasing a headboard.

After giving up- because I'm cheap, I decided that a great colorful piece of canvas may be just a good as a headboard. I didn't want any images, words, patterns- just lots of messy color. Never underestimate the beauty of a really good messy painting it can add that pop of color or even an element of abstraction to your walls.

I started by first stretching my own really large canvas- about the width of our king size bed. (I talk more about stretching your own canvas in this post)

Next I start slopping paint on the surface- this is the fun part because there are no rules, no right or wrong, just good ol' messy fun.

I blend color, I drip, drizzle, splatter all over the surface and let things dry in between layers so that the color won't get muddy.

The process is quick and expressive (perfect for blasting some good music while working).

And result is beautiful messy statement piece!

(Important note- because we live in Southern California and we experience way too many earthquakes and because my husband is a structural engineer who does earthquake testing for a living we bolt the big art to the wall- especially if it hangs over the bed! The last thing you want to to wake up to is a large painting on your head!)