Giveaway Winners and Special Announcement!

I loved all of your comments and goals and wish I could give classes away to everyone! But what I am going to do- to celebrate the new year and creative goals- is next Wednesday, January 13th offer $10.00 off all of my online classes all day long ($40 for the 5 week format and $20 for mini classes!) I will post reminders and further details leading up the one day sale!

And the 5 winners of any online of your choice are-
Arlene, Jessica, Peggy, Dawnie and Serendipity!!
Email me and I will give you instant access to your class!!

I Love My Holga!

I have quietly and humbly been pursuing a little side project for the last couple of years and that is working on a body photography to one day do something with- like maybe open another etsy shop. And I am to say happy that I am getting very close to this little goal! While I have been taking photos since yearbook class in high school it has been something that has continued to inspire me throughout my creative journey. Taking photos is a really great compliment to drawing and painting and has really helped me work on understanding of composition, color, lighting and design in my artwork.

I am lucky to have a nice little collection of cameras that I have slowly been accumulating through the years and latest addition this summer was a Holga that I finally made time to use over the holiday. I took a ton of pics (with all my cameras) but was most excited to see what came from the Holga! Today I picked up the photos from the lab- nothing like having to wait for film- I tore into the envelope and was really pleased to see that I did not ruin anything and actually got some very dreamy, retro and whimsical looking photos. Lets hear it for Holga!! Here are a couple of my favorites!

Messy Canvas Calendar Tutorial

I am obsessed with calendars- I carry one with me everywhere I go, I have one in the kitchen, one in my studio and often one in each room. This year I decided to make my calendars instead of buying them and I decided to make my calendar look like a little piece of messy art!

There are tons of free calendar templates online and I found one with the whole year on one page- perfect for my kitchen calendar!

I started by printing it out on Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas.

Trim to size and set aside.

Paint a stretched canvas (I chose to recycle one that I already have and painted over it for a fresh start!)


drip some more...



layer messy colors...


free write...

and glob thick paint to create a layered and messy canvas.

Stick the calendar to the wet paint (or glue or utilize the back of the Sticky Back Canvas by sticking it onto the surface.)

The end result is a colorful and messy calendar!

p.s. Don't forget you have until Wednesday to enter to win a free online class- see post below!!!

Big Giveaway Today!

I am kicking off the start of a new week and a new year by doing a BIG giveaway!!

I am giving away one free online class (of your choice) to 5 lucky readers!! Choose from the following classes-

Enter to win by leaving me a comment-
Tell me 1 thing you are doing different this year

I will draw 5 winners on Wed!


Updates from the Studio

It has been a while since I posted a studio update and today was the first day (in the last 8 days) back in the studio- a little too long for me! After time away from creating, the build up of ideas and what I call "creative madness" begins to take over my brain- too much to do, too many ideas and often a challenge to focus my energy. So when there has been time away I like to start by warming myself up with painting BIG and EXPRESSIVE with no purpose or deadline (except to just get all the eagerness and frenzy out!) and then I find I am more focussed on tackling everything else. A good part of today was spent painting and I now feel like I can deal with "housekeeping" and the many tasks at hand!

So here we go with some updates for the new year...

I am in the midst of updating and reorganizing the vibe of my blog and finally feel like I have the time and head space to get organized with the way that I present inspiration on my site. My goal is to continue to try to have this be a place to visit where you can learn new things, find inspiration in all kinds of ways, peek into my own journey and way of doing things, I have lots of tutorials in the works, weekly posts with color, fashion, travel, even food inspiration and lots MORE planned!!

All kinds of new work is coming soon and I am in the midst of working on a little side project- opening a second Etsy shop dedicated to my EVER GROWING passion- photography!

All of my online classes- Graffiti Chic, Whimsical Women, Recycling Remix, Adventurous Accessories, Haute Holidays, Canvas Collage and Hand Carved Stamps are available for registration at any time time. And the best now have unlimited access to take the class- no deadlines, no rush to create!

Graffiti Chic Part II starts on Januaray 25th and is now available for registration! I have big plans for this class- we are going bigger, messier and more creative with paint, lettering, layering and drawing!

Stay tuned for more classes and new online learning opportunities also coming soon!!

I am working on my live teaching schedule and hope to have some dates and events to share very soon!

Tune in to Diva Craft Lounge this Wednesday, January 6th for an interview with your's truly!!

On Monday I am celebrating the start of a new year with a blog giveaway - 5 people will each win a free spot, in their choice of one of my online classes so check back Monday morn for your chance to win!!!